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Taken on an ongoing basis, or just during certain periods throughout your product or service cycle, Universal delivers the quantitative and qualitative results no automated PR evaluation system can. Unlike simple circulation or ad values, our comprehensive media analysis services and public relations (PR) measurement tools shows you detailed results of your news exposure, the impact, and value. At Universal we understand what you need to successfully analyze and measure your media and PR campaigns in prominent markets like New York, Denver and Chicago. Sample Media Analysis Report. (800) 408-3178 for details

What's your recipe for measuring the real impact of your media exposure? Download our free whitepaper to evaluate your PR measurement methods.

What is your Impact Score?

The Impact Score takes into account the number of qualitative driver conditions met AND the media source. Points are given in two areas: 1-qualitative points and 2-media source points. For each qualitative driver present in a given story, 1-point is given. Media source points are earned from a 3-tier point system. Sources are tiered into three categories named top, middle, and bottom. The top tier includes sources that have a circulation or audience placing them in the upper 1/3 of news sources. Top tier sources can also be top industry publications, which may not have a high circulation, but carry a high regard in the industry. Middle tier sources have a circulation or audiences indicating a mid-level prominence, between tiers 1 and 3. Other industry sources may also be named in this middle tier rank. The bottom tier will include sources with a circulation or audience below that over the upper 66% of sources. Media Source points are awarded as follows: top=15, middle=10, bottom=5. Together the statistic generated unveils the true impact of a story, a weighted factor our clients can use to truly understand their impact on each news story.

Our Methodology

Our collaboration with a leading university allowed us to develop what is considered to be the most valid PR measurement methodology in the United States. Our comprehensive approach for tracking and analyzing all the media hits you want (Print-Broadcast-Web-Social Media) enables us to present the entire information sphere, not just the average 30% that online monitoring services track, but everything that is available. All stories are evaluated by trained analysts, no "artificial intelligence", to ensure the highest level of reliability in PR measurement. Additionally, all public relations measurement includes strict consideration for the Barcelona Principles.

Capturing both the qualitative and quantitative elements of media exposure has never been easy, nor an exact science. However, through Universal's Media Analysis service we can show what your earned or unpaid media exposure means in terms of impact, value, tone, focus, and a variety of other user-defined parameters. Those who need to understand the ROI and impact of their outreach efforts can get their tracking and analysis from a single, professional vendor. It's simple. Our job is to deliver exactly the media analysis services you need.


Our Media Analysis and Public Relation (PR) Measurement service starts as low as $100/month plus $2.00/analyzed story (print, broadcast, web, social media, blogs). Other levels of measurement may be available, depending on your market needs (e.g. New York, Chicago, Denver.)

Report Types

  • Basic Report: Lists every media hit. Captures media values, publicity values, circulations. Can add other qualitative drivers such as tone at client’s request.
  • Impact Score Report: Includes everything in the Basic Report but includes the Impact Score and various associated metrics.
  • Strategic Impact Report: Using data from one of the first two charts, it is a boardroom-ready report presentation that explains what the client’s media footprint looks like, including key findings and recommendations

If you are more focused on understanding the key influencers within your social media network, then let our analysis team map your virtual community. Our Social Media Network Map extends far beyond the statistics of web based services. Universal's social media analysis actually tells you what your results mean, helping you to engage with the most important influencers or those of your client. For as little as $350 per report, you can learn who, what, where, and when your mentions are impacting you. Social Network Map Sample

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For years, we have used Universal Information Services to provide us data on television, radio, print and Internet editorial media exposure. Universal Information Services' cost-effective and personalized products have become an integral part in almost every project we do.

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