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We like to think of ourselves as pretty approachable people. The sheer volume of news information out there can be very overwhelming and we're happy to discuss any questions or needs you may have. If you are ordering a TV or Radio news clip, select the last service and include your information. We'll make sure the right person gets back to you immediately!

We provide honest and accurate information regarding costs and the results you should expect. We restore the trust you need in a vendor. Find more answers on our FAQ Page.

You have choices, let us help navigate those options.

Having access to the right tools is as important as having access to the right service and support people. Although there are very few complete news monitoring options available, you still have great choices. Universal encourages you to take a look at how we have married innovative tools with industry leading support. Our service people have reviewed all the services out there and are here to help guide you through the choices. Even if you don't ultimately choose Universal, we hope you keep us in mind for the future. Honest and direct communication, that is one of our Core Values.

Yes, we have all the same tools as the other services and we can give you special discounts and terms. In fact, we average 20% below our competitors in terms of total costs. But in the end we know it is about getting the news you need and having real support when you need it. Check us out before you make a decision. We love what we do, and have a great time making your news our business.

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