Our media analysis team analyzed Twitter looking at key influencers, connections, and the visual interaction of tweets and retweets. Universal Information Services places social media analysis as one of the top measurement initiatives for the public relations industry. Having access to critical tools for understanding who, when and what impact your social media has an a consuming audience is imperative for success. Enjoy this visualized map of the Berkshire-Hathaway hashtag #BRK2013. This hashtag was used throughout the Annual Shareholders meeting May 2nd through May 5, 2013.

Universal Information Services Berkshire Hathaway Social Media Analysis

Analysis provided by Chrisna Clark, Assistant Media Analysis Director at Universal Information Services.
Chrisna Clark is the newest member of the Media Analysis & Measurement Department at Universal Information Services. As Assistant Director, Chrisna is focused on new media innovation, the convergence of social media tools, and the impact social media has on B2B or B2C engagement.

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